Women And Self-Defense: Why It Matters

There’s a moment in every woman’s life where she feels unsafe. Sadly, this is an inevitable truth. Whether it be walking home, in the workplace or even in their own homes’ women have often been targeted to play the classic female trope and in-turn have faced bullying.

Thankfully, the world is changing. The role of women has changed.

Days ago, we saw not only the first woman VP take office, but the first woman of color. For little girls everywhere, watching the inauguration was a moment of possibility. It is a new day in the United States.

At StandStrong we believe in equality and self-empowerment. In matching with the new age, we want to share why self-defense is important for women.

So, why learn self-defense?

Imagine the stereotypical situation in which a female is being intimidated – picture the aggressor standing intimidatingly over the victim. Maybe shouting or talking down to them with threat or malice in their voice. Now picture that woman standing strong, looking the aggressor in the eye and telling them with certainty they will not back down. Even if the ‘would be bully’ tries to enter their space or even raise their hands, this female is ready to evade any danger and remain in control of the situation. That is what real self-defense looks like.

Our classes are about confidence. Not necessarily fighting back, but feeling the control, power and conviction in moments of uncertainty. After a class at StandStrong we speak with our students. For woman, this class is about standing a little taller and finding certainty in themselves.

Our courses aren’t like the kung-fu moves from movies or black belt techniques that we see in social media posts. The true essence of self-defense is protecting yourself while maintaining control at all times. Many of the skills taught in our StandStrong curriculum pair physical techniques with the mental skills needed for a scenario. We want our participants to have a toolkit handy to deal with ever they may face.

Our aim is that all our participants, especially our female students can become empowered with the knowledge they can reach for the stars and stand up to anyone who tries to keep them down! We want our students to StandStrong!