The Unique StandStrong System

At StandStrong, we are worldwide leaders in self-defense training, offering no-cost programs to students and groups of all ages and backgrounds.

Our classes are a unique hybrid of Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and our personalized feedback from coaches helps students of all ages and stages successfully learn effective, empowering self-defense skills.

Even in the era of social distancing, we go the extra mile, providing our no-cost classes online and in person.

Plus, our world-class instructors are supported by members of the StandStrong team to cheer on and correct students during all the classes.

For those who are new to StandStrong, here are the basics:

We offer three self-defense levels.

Each level includes six courses to be completed over six weeks.

Level Aleph

After passing level Aleph, participants should be able to protect themselves in a one-on-one situation against somebody of a similar size with limited or no martial arts experience.

Participants should have the skills to disengage and evade the situation in order to get home safely.

The course also helps students develop self confidence, empowering them mentally and physically.

Level Bet

After passing level Bet, participants should have the skills and confidence to protect themselves in a more escalated situation, such as being picked on or bullied by somebody. Participants should feel confident to evade somebody who is bigger than themselves and still get out of the situation safely.

Level Elite

After passing level Elite, participants should be able to protect themselves in heightened and more threatening situations, even involving experienced martial artists. The goal of this course is for participants to have the skills and confidence to feel ‘bullyproof’ in their everyday lives.

Our system takes you on an approachable and empowering journey.

We start with basic techniques and progress throughout the course, all the while providing feedback, support, as well as online videos.

We also allow our students to retake our classes as needed.

Whether it be in person or online, we make it our mission to help you as best we can all to give you the tools to empowerment!

Our system truly is like no other. We are here for you and your journey, wherever you’re starting from.

Sign up for a free class or demo today, or email with questions.

We look forward to hearing from you.