Make learning self-defense your New Year’s Resolution.

2021 is the year to StandStrong—this much we know. After a backbreaking 2020, it’s time to take our power back. In a time of such uncertainty, it’s important to focus on what we can control and what makes us most confident. A new year means new resolutions. Here’s why learning self-defense should be yours.


Not only are you gaining new skills, you’re developing control and taking back your confidence. The self- assurance that comes with being prepared to handle potential conflict helps one walk a little taller. Walk into the new year knowing there is a new type of situation that you’re prepared to handle.

While you’re at it, you’re getting a workout in as well, and we all feel more confident when we feel good about ourselves! Our self-defense classes keep you in shape in the safety and comfort of your home—it’s never been easier to get started. “The main reason we learn self-defense is for confidence. Not only in a fighting situation but any situation. If you want to be confident learn self-defense!” – StandStrong Instructor Jon Benomry


In the past year especially, we’ve become all too familiar with situations fueled by uncertainty. When it comes to physical confrontations, we often don’t have the tools to handle what’s happening. Our programs give you the tools to handle practical situations—teaching you how to deescalate, defend yourself if necessary, and get out so you can get home safe.

For whatever reason you feel like you may need protection, we are here to help you achieve that goal. It can be anything from religious persecution to the fact that you work the night shift—we hear and see you. By learning self-defense, you refuse to become a victim.


A lot of us have faced feelings of isolation in the past year, but it’s time to remember that you’re not alone. The StandStrong community is welcoming, supportive, and proud. Joining a group who share a similar goal will help hold you accountable to your resolution.

The StandStrong community is ready for you to join us—make it your resolution to StandStrong this year.