Legacy Page

  • Leaving a gift in your will is a great way to ensure the safety of generations to come. By continuing your support of StandStrong, you will be empowering children and communities long into the future.
  • When you pledge to leave a gift in your will, you are making a lasting impact. It is completely understandable that your priority will be looking after your loved ones, but once those who matter most are taken care of, we ask that you consider leaving a gift in your Will to StandStrong.  
  • One day you could come to the aid of a child being bullied while walking down the street for wearing a yarmelke, a group of teens being threatened by slurs as they leave synagogue, or a woman being taunted for wearing a Jewish star necklace.
  • Any gift you leave will be valuable to those we serve, no matter how large or small. Legacy gifts help ensure we can continue to provide effective, self-defense courses at no cost to our communities. Your gift allows our courses to help participants feel safer and empower others to keep their communities safe.
  • Gifts left in a will can be any size. Gifts range from 1% of an estate to 100%, $50 to $500,000 or anything remaining after your loved ones have been provided for. It is up to you. Some gifts can be items of value. No matter what you choose to leave, you will be investing in the future of StandStrong and supporting our mission serving those in need far into the future.

If you are considering leaving a gift in your Will and would like to speak to a team member, contact Melissa Jaclyn Mauer. Email: support@standstrong.org

If you have already remembered us in your Will, thank you! We are so grateful and would love to properly thank you. Please fill out of Legacy Pledge Form and submit to Melissa at support@standstrong.org.