International Holocaust Remembrance Day: StandStrong with Sami Steigmann

This Sunday, the StandStrong team will partner with Holocaust survivor, Sami Steigmann to recognize International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

If you don’t know, this holiday is the commemoration of the tragedy that was the Holocaust. Part of International Holocaust Remembrance Day is the encouragement of educational programs that speak on the reality of the event; this is what the StandStrong partnership will do.

StandStrong will bring its students and merge them with Sami’s followers creating an open forum for communication and self-empowerment. The partnership includes an hour-long open webinar with words from Steigmann, self-defense training and a Q&A. The class will be available to the public via Zoom at no cost, on January 24 starting at 11:00am (CST).

Sami is a friend of StandStrong team member Nadav Alkoby (left). Nadav speaks very highly of Sami and in turn has shared some of his story to share with you. Sami’s story is one of perseverance and resilience.

“Sami Steigmann is not only a Holocaust Survivor, but also a motivational speaker. When Sami was just an infant, he was subjected to brutal medical experiments conducted by the Nazi’s. Throughout his life he has faced personal challenges including becoming homeless in New York City. Even though Sami has faced much adversity in his life he is the most optimistic and positive person I have ever met.”

“It is Sami’s life mission to inspire those around him, to teach his students to be upstanding citizens, and stand up against bullying. Sami often says he does not just oppose anti-Semitism, but more importantly hate of all kinds. Sami’s message is important to be heard especially as it coincides with International Holocaust Remembrance Day.”

From his past still stands a positive attitude and a willingness to create positive change. Sami has a long history of sharing his story and StandStrong is so excited to be a partner in his mission to end bullying.