No-Cost Self-Defense Training

Welcome to StandStrong’s online courses!

Listed below, we always have FREE & available self-defense classes for everyone.We encourage you to start with Level Aleph Defender class 1 – a 45 minute live Zoom session with the best instructors in the world to get you up to speed and learn how to protect yourself and handle bullying situations.

(no experience needed & fits all fitness levels)

The Level Aleph course is 6-classes long. In every session, you will learn different self-defense tools that will help you overcome common situations that one may face in the street. After completing Level Aleph, you can take part in our Level Bet course. Signup now and see you at our sessions!

Upcoming Courses

Reach out today to reserve a StandStrong no-cost self-defense program.

For online or in-person sessions questions email: number: 954-591-9289

For donations questions email: number: 954-591-9289