StandStrong For Who You Are And What You Believe.

Make a choice to live a StandStrong life.

StandStrong For Who You Are And What You Believe.

Make a choice to live a StandStrong life.

Why StandStrong?

The StandStrong Curriculum

The StandStrong Self-Defense System was created by world-renowned martial artists from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Israeli Krav Maga and Muay-Thai. We collaborated with experts from various martials arts disciplines to perfect our unique delivery technique – focusing on staying safe in real-life situations.

Know your info, know your rights and be able to articulate them confidently

Verbal Self-Defense & Distance Management

Be prepared to defend against the most common attacks

Lose your fear, find your superpower. Live a StandStrong Life

Upcoming Courses & Workshops

Bring StandStrong to Your Community

If you are interested in starting a StandStrong chapter in your community, please contact our COO, Matt Travers at [email protected]

Age Groups

We offer programs for all ages and ability levels. All are welcome to apply!


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“This course is great! Last year I was getting bullied at school but now I am much more confident. I have the skills to keep safe from danger. I will keep working on my confidence to make you proud!”

Josh W.

“As a single lady living in Chicago, it is vital for me to be able to respond and protect myself in a negative situation. The team at StandStrong have created a fun but informative atmosphere for us ladies to learn self-defense moves. I am more aware and more prepared when I am walking alone now. Thank you for providing these classes to keep us safe”

Jaimee A.

“Stand Strong has become a huge part of my curriculum since it combines some Israeli culture for my students along with important lessons for them to learn. My goal for them is to meet top instructors from America and Israel to learn about Krav Maga and how it can help keep them safe, feel empowered and have fun! It is amazing for students in America to be able to connect with instructors in Israel. Such a bonus for them!“

Osnat M.

“You are helping to make learning self-defense skills more accessible to a population that definitely needs it. Your instructors are amazing! So knowledgeable, patient with beginners while at the same time challenging us to try our best and to do the moves correctly. I really admire what you are doing and am motivated to challenge myself to take additional courses. Thank you for providing this opportunity to someone like myself.”


“StandStrong has changed Josh’s life! I will be forever grateful to you all. Last year he was bullied at school and was so shy and timid. After completing your course he is a different person. Confident, happy, and no longer being bullied. He speaks up for himself and his friends without being aggressive. I am proud to call myself a StandStrong mom!”

Karin F.

StandStrong Today

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