Our Mission:
To StandStrong, Together

StandStrong is a global movement that empowers individuals and communities by providing effective self-defense skills, at no cost, so that they can confidently and safely be proud of who they are and what they believe.

Our Story

Started in the Jewish community as a response to increased anti-Semitism, StandStrong quickly evolved to become a partner in standing up to all forms of hatred and religious bullying. We believe anti-Semitism, along with every kind of bigotry, is fundamentally un-American. The dual American guarantees of freedom of religion and speech are core human rights that have long been the promises of free, safe, and prospering societies. However, these aspirations are merely hollow goals if those same fundamental rights are not inalienably coupled with the security and safety of all who seek their free exercise. StandStrong is a not-for-profit, non-denominational, and apolitical organization that provides effective and empowering programs that will build the self-esteem and leaders of our future generations.

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What Our People Say

As a newbie to Mixed Martial Arts, this was great to learn self-defense moves. The class times were perfect because I am not used to moving like that! Thank you very much! I am definitely recommending you to my friends with kids

Shari, Level Aleph Participant

I can’t express how wonderful I think these classes are. I have taken the Level Aleph & Level Bet course, as well as the Women’s self-defense and find the instruction clear and easy to follow. After only 2 classes I already felt more confident. I appreciate the focus on learning to defend myself, rather than anything offensive, the instructors have been wonderful. Thank you all so very much

Caryn, Level Aleph and Level Bet Participant

StandStrong is one of the best things that happened to my kids. They were so against martial arts until they met Lior and his team! He gave them the confidence to believe in themselves–especially my son, who was bullied and timid before. This class is so empowering, technically and mentally. They encourage them so much! I am impressed with how much they have learnt! Thank you so much for teaching my kids how to StandStrong and come home safe

Karine, Parent of Level Aleph Participant

StandStrong Self-Defense System

There are many disciplines of self-defense out there, and many methodologies that accompany these various programs. The StandStrong Self-Defense System is an effective tool to provide our communities with skills to protect themselves in dangerous situations.

“We are teaching you how to defend yourself, not how to fight.”

This is our core belief in every program we deliver. The roots of our curriculum are a unique hybrid of Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, two disciplines that focus primarily on defense and not attack, on disengaging from contact, and managing confrontation with a calm and confident approach.

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